Healthy Poultry Recipes

To obtain optimal health, poultry is definitely a good choice for you. A lean cut of chicken meat is rich in protein, low in fat and flavorful.


Types of Meat:


There are two types of meat within Poultry: the light meat and the dark meat. The healthier among two is the light meat since it contains about 50% less saturated fat compared with the dark meat. Therefore, choose for light meat as it is a good source of protein, minerals and vitamins.

Light Meat: Dark Meat:
  • Breast

* Light meat is healthier than dark meat.

  • Thigh
  • Leg
  • Wing Meat

*Dark meat is dark due to those muscles are used more and contains more myoglobin proteins compare with the light meat.

Which Meat is Better?

Chicken & Turkey Duck & Goose

Both Chicken and Turkey are traditionally favorites by most of the people. They are lean, flavorful, readily available and relatively inexpensive.

In flying birds, like duck and geese, their whole bodies contain dark meat, which means that they are higher in saturated fat. For everyday meals using poultry, stick with chicken and turkey breast meat, and reserve flying birds for special occasions.


Healthy Cooking with Free-Roaming and Organic Poultry


Free-roaming or free-range poultry is absolutely a better choice for us compare with industrial-reared poultry. Although it cost a bit more but these organic poultry is widely recognized more healthy than industrial-reared poultry.

Free-roaming poultry is reared in a more humane way, normally they are raise without the use of antibiotic which may contribute to human antibiotic resistance. Free-roaming poultry is providing purer, firmer and healthier cuts of meat.

Remember to trim away access fat and remove the skin from your poultry. This simple step could reduce your intake of fat, saturated fat and calories. By removing the skin from a chicken breast could help to reduce the fat by 88% and calories by 42%.


Simple and Healthy Poultry Recipes:

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