Healthy Foods

Before deciding what to cook for your beloved ones to ensure they get sufficient of nutrition, vitamins and minerals through their daily meal, it is better to understand some basic information and knowledge of the foods that we are going to eat before anything else.
By considering few simple factors as below, you may choose your right cooking ingredients to obtain maximum health benefits through the foods' natural endowment of nutrition easily:-

  • Contain of high fiber, lean protein, low cholesterol and preferable no saturated fats

  • Freshness

  • No or with minimum artificial, synthetic or irradiated ingredients

  • No preservation

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals.

  • Special treatment for any particular illness

  • Do not need deep fried when cooking

Foods as below are generally being selected and categorized as healthy foods after considering their nutrient density (amount of nutrients compare with the calories contained). Consume foods with high nutrient dense may help you to get essential nutrition, minerals and vitamins for excellent health.




Nuts & Seeds

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