Broccoli was originated from Italy which developed from a wild cabbage plant since about 2000 years ago. The whole flower head of Broccoli can be eaten and classified as healthy vegetable.

Nutrition and Health Benefits of Broccoli:

  • Broccoli is rich in Vitamin-C, dietary fiber and low in calories. Those, many of health conscious people like to cook it by steaming to obtain highest nutrition values and maintain its low calories.

  • Consume Broccoli regularly could helps to control our blood sugar and insulin levels.

  • Broccoli offers many of benefits to our digestive system due to high its high contain of fiber.

  • Broccoli contain numerous of anti-cancer components such as diindolylmethane.

  • Glucoraphanin in Broccoli can be processed and transformed into sulforaphane, an anti-cancer compound.

  • Broccoli also contain little amount of selenium which helps to reduce the risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes and to prevent the recurrence of tuberculosis.

  • Broccoli is an excellent source of indole-3-carbinol. Indole-3-carbinol is a chemical that helps to boost up our DNA by repairing our cells and effectively block the growth of cancer cells.

Nutritional Facts of Broccoli:


100gm raw broccoli
Calories 34
Sodium 33mg
Carbohydrate 7gm
Dietary Fiber 3gm
Sugar 2gm
  Protein 3g
Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids 21mg
Total Omega-6 Fatty Acids 17mg
  Vitamin A 632IU
  Vitamin C 89.2mg
  Vitamin E 0.8mcg
Vitamin K 102mcg
Folate 63mcg
  Choline 18.7mg
Calcium 47mg
Magnasium 21mg
Phosphorus 66mg
Potassium 361mg
  Selenium 2.5mcg



Tips of Choosing Broccoli:

  • Choose the fresh Broccoli for maximum nutrients. Keep frozen Broccoli as second choice when the fresh one is not available.

  • Choose the Broccoli in dark green color and preferable with crisp stalks and tightly closed buds.

  • Broccoli which has turn to yellow or brown color is considered as old and might not good in taste.

  • Don't choose the Broccoli that has turned to limp or soggy for better taste.

Tips of Serving Broccoli:

  • Raw Broccoli can be served as a part of salad for maximum value of nutrients.

  • Steaming is the best alternative to serve Broccoli beside raw. Healthy benefits of Broccoli will be greatly loosed under boiling.

  • Broccoli is taste good by simply stir-fry with butter.

  • Grill Broccoli is also an good idea of serving.


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