Benefit of Aloe Vera



Aloe Vera is well known of its excellent natural healing power. It treat well for wounds, burns, skin infection, insect bites etc. Aloe Vera may use as "first aid" before other medicines for skin burning and infection. Beside outer uses, the flesh of Aloe Vera is actually contains vital minerals and vitamins that are very beneficial to our body health.

Aloe Vera is classified under Asphodelaceae family, believed originated from Sudan. There are more than 200 species of Aloe Vera growing all around the arid climate countries throughout the year, such as India, Africa, America and Asia.

Aloe Vera contains valuable minerals, vitamins and enzymes that required by our body such as amino acids, Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and Vitamin E.


Nutrition and Health Benefits of Aloe Vera:


Aloe Vera is used in many ways for its multiple health benefits. It can be eat, apply directly on skin, or being processed and added in many of skincare products. Aloe Vera is definitely an amazing medicinal plant no matter for internal or external uses.

  • Skin Wound, Burn, Cut, Infection, Insect Bites - Aloe Vera is rich in components that may fasten the wound closure rate. Therefore it is always used as first aid treatment for first degree burning and wounds. Besides the amazing healing and smoothing power, the anti-inflammatory properties in Aloe Vera is able to reduce the feeling of pain and increase the recovery rate of skin infection.

  • Moisturizer - Moisturizing elements in Aloe Vera has caused Aloe Vera to become famous in cosmetic industry. Studies show that applying Aloe Vera may increase the ability of skin to moist and hydrate itself. It fasten the removal of dead skin cells and make the skin feel soft and hydrated after applying. Aloe Vera is widely used in cosmetic and dermatological products.

  • Skin Cancer Prevention - Aloe Vera may boost up the skin immune system to prevent skin cancers especially cancers due to ultraviolet light.

  • Anti-aging Properties - Aloe Vera is good for anti-aging, it helps to reduce scars and age spots in the face by fasten the removal of dead skin. It may also helps in reducing fine lines and furrows by promoting the skin moisture level.

  • Cancer, Diabetes, Cholesterol - Regular consumption of Aloe Vera may lower the risk of cancers and diabetes. It helps to lower the level of cholesterol and blood sugar.

  • Coronary Heart Disease - Researches show that regular consumption of Aloe Vera gel is effectively prevent the accumulation of blood fat lipids that may cause the heart diseases.

  • Detoxification - Ingestion of Aloe Vera may helps to increase our kidney and liver detoxification process which will make our body healthier and look younger.


aloe vera
Aloe Vera



How to Plant Aloe Vera?

  • Pick the healthy Aloe Vera with firm and upright leaves ideally with smooth skin.

  • Fill the well-drain pot with 1/3 full of pebbles and marbles.

  • Add mixture with 2 portions of sand and 1 portion of potting soil.

  • Place the Aloe Vera cutting into the pot with 1 or 2 inches into the soil. If the Aloe Vera comes with root, place the root side the soil and leave about 2 inches of leaves coming out from the soil.

  • Pat slowly on soil to ensure the soil is filled firmly.

  • Water the Aloe Vera every day. Water more often if the whether is hot. Lessen the watering frequency and water quantity if the whether is cold.

Growing Tips:

  • Aloe Vera can be planted in indoor or outdoor, but it is easily to turn brown under hash sunlight. Better to place it under indirect sunlight during summer.

  • Easily get freeze under cold whether. Move the Aloe Vera to indoor with sunlight during winter.

  • Repot the Aloe Vera plants every year spring because Aloe Vera grows very fast during the summer/ hot whether.

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