Best Diet Method for Increasing Energy

Eat for Energy Boosting

Many of us have a same mind set that our body is be able to increase energy level by consuming more high carbohydrate foods together with some sugar-rich drinks. Fast foods and sodas are always the golden choice for our instant energy boosting.

Hence, the fact is in another way where regular intake of fast foods or high consumption of soda beverages not only will make us easily feel exhausted and also will result in many kind of illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity or even cancers in long term period.

So, is there any rule or guideline that we can follow in order to maintain our body energetic in the whole day and prevent listless or tired? The answer is definitely “Yes”.

First rule, choose to eat smaller portion of foods in a single meal. Try to separate the total calories that we need in one day to several meals where each meal only containing 200 – 300 calories. Therefore, we can eat 4 – 6 meals per day to obtain enough energy for our metabolism and daily activities. By doing so, we can maintain our body blood sugar level and keep the metabolism in an optimum rate and we may not feel sleepiness due to lack of glucose in our blood stream.

Second rule, consuming more Iron and protein rich foods, this is because Iron and protein are happened to be a fundamental source of energy that required by our body. Insufficient of Iron will cause us feel lackadaisical whereas not enough of protein we will easily feel lethargic.
Consuming more foods like below for instant increasing energy level for our body and those foods are able to make us more vitality in a split second. Make some effort to add in those foods in our meals to get a continuing energy for the entire day.
- Iron and Protein rich foods = Walnut mix with oat, apple plus peanut butter, eggs accompany with Japanese soybean etc

- Protein and Vitamin B rich foods = Sunflower seed, pumpkins and also sesame

- Iron and Potassium rich foods = Raisin and dried peaches
• 6: 00a.m. - 8: 00a.m.

Breakfast Should Eat Like a King

After approximately 8 - 10 hrs with no food or drink is taken while we are sleeping, we should eat our breakfast in 2 hours time after waking up. We need breakfast to switch on your body alarm and also awaken our brain. Breakfast not only functioning as our 1st energy booster in one day, at the same time it is assisting in increasing our attentiveness of learning and enhance our creativity. In the event that we skip our breakfast, our body and brain might easily be short of energy and reduce the body metabolic rate. This could make us easily feel exhausted.

Energy Boosting Foods Suggestion: Oat, Egg, Almond, Bread toasted, Peanut Butter, Vegetables, Blueberries, Soya Soy, Fruits

• 10: 00a.m.

Little Refreshment Enhancing Vitality

After several hours of non-stop working, we may eat some light refreshment that contains complex carbohydrate to keep our body energetic. The reason that we should provide some additional complex carbohydrate to our body is that our digestion system normally will be slowing down in this period of time; therefore, the foods that we eat now will need longer time to transform the carbohydrate in foods to glucose. Hence, foods that we consume are able to provide longer energy supply to our body.

Energy Boosting Foods Suggestion: Muesli, Yogurt, Fruits

• 12: 00p.m – 1:00p.m.

Lunch Eat Like a Prince

I believed that many of us are likely to feel sleepiness after lunch break. Research also reported that staff work performance are noticeable reduced if compare to the work performance in the morning session. For that reason, incorporate several lean meats and protein foods in our lunch meal can help to maximize the sources of energy. Protein could convert to amino acids that assist in promoting dopamine and methyl epinephrine. Dopamine can help to boost up our body metabolism whereas methyl epinephrine is the component that enhances our spirit of continuing working.

Energy Boosting Food Suggestion: Vegetables, Beans, Tomatoes, Lean Meats

• 4: 00p.m.

Grab a Little Leisure from a Busy Life during the Afternoon Tea

To keep our body vigorous we can eat some snacks which are rich in Iron, Vitamin B as well as protein in our afternoon tea break. Iron is an important element that needs in the generation of red blood cell. One of the vital functions of red blood cell is responsible to deliver oxygen to our body tissues. Our tissues need oxygen for metabolism, so, once our body lack of Iron we will easily feel tired.

Energy Boosting Foods Suggestion: Yogurt, Japanese beans, Yogurt Stick, Hazelnut and Sunflower Seed

• 6: 00p.m. - 8: 00p.m.

Dinner Eat Like a Beggar

After a busy working day, now is time for us to slow down our pace of life to prepare for resting. Therefore we should opt for lighter dinner compare with breakfast and lunch so that our body metabolism can be slowly adjusted to an optimum rate. Fish, lean meats and vegetables are an ideal choice to incorporate in our dining table. Carbohydrate and protein from vegetable or lean meat could help to control our blood sugar level as well as lesser the production of insulin by our body for digestion purposes. Choose for steam, grill or roast cooking method to replace deep frying to obtain maximum health benefits.

Foods Suggestion: Salmon, Lean Poultry, Brown Rice, Walnut, Mushroom, Pumpkin, Spinach, Olive oil

• 10: 00p.m.

Flaming of Fat While We Are Sleeping

Usually, our body will either help to burn or keep our excessive fat while we are sleeping. Therefore we shouldn’t eat foods that are rich in fat before sleeping. Go for foods such as low-fat milk or wholegrain that are containing complex carbohydrate which may assist in burning of fat and calories while we are sleeping.

Foods Suggestion: Low-fat milk, cucumber

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