Healthy Drink Recipes

A healthy drink not only could keep us hydrated but also provides valuable nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to our body.

  • Juices

A pure fruit and vegetable juice is rich in vitamins and minerals, somehow many of processed "juice drinks" very much seem like a real juice but is actually loaded with added sugar and calories. In order to get all the full nutritional benefits, go for real deal and choose 100% pure juice.

  • Yogurt Drink

Yogurt drink provides many of nutritional benefits such as minerals, satiating protein and calcium that could keep our bones, muscles and and tissues stronger. Go for fat-free or low-fat nonflavored yogurt drink to minimize the saturated fat and added sugar. You may mix and match your yogurt drink with fresh fruit juice for your healthy drink.

  • Coffee

Coffee is safe for a healthy adult when drink in moderation (experts recommend not more than five (5) regular size cups per day). Research also shown that both regular and decaffeinated coffee may help to protect against heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer.
Although one cup of 270g, 5 calories black coffee may not spoil you diet, but with the additional sweet added in, it may bulk the calories up to 300 or more immediately. Therefore, when preparing your coffee, keep it simple, use fat-free or low-fat milk in place of half-and-half to get a boost calcium and limit the sugar you add in. By doing so, you keep the calories in check and still reap the nutritional benefits of coffee.

  • Tea

Tea contains polyphenols and flavonoids compounds that have antioxidant properties which may help to reduce the risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke and lowering the risk for few types of cancers. Tea is low in calories, only about 3 per cup. Watch up your sugar added in and if you wish to have a cup of milk tea, use fat-free or low-fat milk.

  • Hot Cocoa

Cocoa powder with minimal processed contains antioxidants especially polyphenols that could help to reduce the LDL (the 'bad' cholesterol), reduce the high blood pressure and even provides some cancer fighting benefits. Choose for unsweetened cocoa powder for your healthy drink and remember to keep the added sugar to minimum.

  • Regular Sodas

Regular sodas do not have any redeeming qualities. They are loaded with added sugar and calories. They can easily add hundreds of extra calories to your diet and provide no nutritional benefits. Opt for other healthy drink if you can to replace soda drink that will detrimental to your diet.


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