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Looking for something to serve your guest before the dinner is ready? Thinking of how to complete your party menu with something interesting? Let an appetizer to show its magic. Below are some appetizers choices you may use to serve your guest while waiting for the dinner or before the party is started.

  • Cold Appetizers

Cold appetizers like deviled eggs, finger sandwiches, tapas, canapés, BLT bites etc make a wonderful start to any meal for your family or guest.

  • Hot Appetizers

A warm dips plus a party snacks is very popular in any party and celebration.

  • Fruit Appetizers

Fruit makes a healthier appetizers for everyone.

  • Vegetable Appetizers

Vegetables are an ideal crunchy complement to many dips and spreads. With the natural sugar within vegetables and foods it make the appetizers delicious, fresh and healthier compared with others.

  • Cheese

Cheese is a traditional appetizer and you may use it with fancy picks for special any occasions.

  • Dips and Spreads

Dips and spreads are added accents to your appetizers. You may mix and match them with chips, crackers or vegetables.

  • Pastries

Sweet pastries make a tantalizing appetizer to your family or guests savor.


As we know, appetizers are usually some kind of finger foods that can be easily eaten in one or two bites. However do you realize those yummy looking appetizers are actually contained high level of fat and calorie. Stick to the following rules while preparing your healthy low-fat appetizer recipes:

  • Avoid deep frying

  • Control the amount of cheese, margarine and butter

  • Use more vegetables or fruits as ingredients

  • Use dried foods such raisins, cranberries, nuts or figs

  • Less sugar and salt

  • No MSG

Simple and Healthy Appetizer Recipes:

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